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Whatsapp:+8618726047057 (Enquiry)


Wechat: GowingTrading



Anhui Office(China):

Room 307-1, Block 2, Cross Border E-Commerce Industrial Park, Zhengpu Port New District, Ma'an Shan City, Anhui Province, 238261 China.

Mobile: +8618726047057

Kuala Lumpur Office (Malaysia):

Suite 8.01, Level 8,

Menara IGB, Midvalley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur,


​Mobile: +60122021673

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Multiple Types of Machines


We can provide food processing machines such as meat slicer, food cutting machines, bone saw, potato peeler machines etc. We also provide capping machine etc.

Other Packaging Stuff


We sell PET bottles, caps and pump & sprayers, tinplate containers, aluminium cans and tins, paper box, sugarcane bagasse kitchenware etc.

Glass Bottle 

We are profesional at glass botle trading industry. We design, produce and customise it for you. We can also screenprint and spray it, then pack and send to you.

As an expatriate, we understand you

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