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Multiple Types of Motors and Inverters 


We can OEM/ODM for any electric motors companies globally as we were backed up by the top 3 electric motor manufacturer in China, with an annual turnover of around 0.5 billion USD.


These are some of the motors that we can manufacture:

IE2(High Efficiency), IE3(Super High Efficiency), IE4(Ultra High Efficiency) Three Phase Induction Motors

-Aluminium Three Phase Induction Motors

-Explosion Proof Three Phase Induction Motors

-Dust Explosion Proof Three Phase Induction Motors

-Wide Frequency Three Phase Induction Motors

-Smart Control Induction Motors

-AC Squirrel Cage Brake Motors

-Three Phase Machine Tool Motors

-Low Vibration and Low Noise Induction Motors

-Vertical Multi Stage Pump Motors

-Super High Efficiency Frequency Variable Speed Regulation Motors

-Three Phase Marine Electric Motors

-Three Phase Variable Frequency and Brake Motors

-Low Voltage High Power Inverter Three Phase Asynchronous Motors

-Inverter and Vector Induction Motors for Crane and Metallurgical Applications and Roller Tables

-Wide Frequency Induction Motors

-Smart Control Induction Motors

-Flameproof Variable Frequency Adjustable Speed Induction Motors

and many others which are not listed here (IEC Hazardous Area Motors, NEMA Motors, Medium/High Volatage Motors, Special Application Motors, Vehicle Motors, Inverters, Marine Electric Motors, DC Motors etc.)

For product enquiry, please fill up the technical data form:

Here is the example on how to fill up the form:

Factory Site Visit

Our founder Mr Phang is graduated from UK (BEng, MSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering). He was invited by the Executive Directors of one of the TOP 3 motor factories in China, Mr Yang to visit his factory in China. Most of the factory production lines are operating using Yaskawa (Japan) and Kuka (Germany) robotic arms. The first picture was a joint meeting conducted by this motor factory with our company and Honeywell Asia team led by Honeywell General Manager Mr Sun.

After that, they invited us to develop international market for them. So now we can OEM/ODM for any electric motors companies globally. You can observe the factory condition as we put the factory site visit pictures here as well.

Factory Operation Site

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