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Glass bottle International Trading Business

China,  2021/2022

"Definitely is my best supplier! Thanks Phang for the professional attitude. I will recommend Phang to all my friends who need glass bottles!" 


​Jordan, Jaspar Drinks, London, UK.

Helping Foreigners to Attend China Coffee Trade Show

Shanghai 2018

You and your skilled team exceeded my every expectation. I have found what I needed here - the Indonesian  Luwak coffee is just perfect for my new business.

​Dr. Paul Clarke, Sheffield, UK.

Helping Foreigners to Attend China COME Travel Exhibition

Beijing 2017

Eventhough it's a small trade show at a 5 star Hotel in Beijing China, you will have chance to get in touch with real local chinese buyers. It's an exellect local experience and you won't be able to make it without a good chinese translator. 

Mr Chin YW, MJC Leisure&Travel Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Helping Foreigners to Attend China Luxury Furniture Exhibition

Shanghai 2017

There are many rich chinese buyers and the potential market is huge. The problem is, many of them speak mandarin only. Thank you for smoothing our communications with potential client in China.


Mimmo Lozio, Tabu Wood, Italy.

Helping Foreigners to Attend China Intertextile Shanghai Expo

Shanghai 2017