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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. If I want to check the price for a bottle, what do I need to provide?

Please let us know:

1. How many pieces? (the Minimum Order Quantity-MOQ)

2. How many ml? (the size of the bottle)

3. What's the weight of the bottle? (if you have it, please give us)

4. You want Ex-factory price, FOB price or CIF price (This is very important. You can search what it is online)

5. Which country and which port you want us to send to? (If you need CIF price)

Without these information, we cannot quote accurately, then we cannot serve you well. Please prepare before asking the price.

Q2. What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

The ​Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is at least one pallet. This is because international shipping cost is often high if you buy anything less than a pallet. It's just like if you are buying a car factory, but you just produce 100 cars. It's expensive as there is certain starting cost at the beginning, but it's cheap if you produce millions of cars. 

We can assume General MOQ is 2,000pieces for ready stock.

Q3. Can you tell me how many pieces can I have for a pallet?

It​ depends on how big is your glass bottle. For example (ready stock), if the packing method is pallet+carton with 2 Meters height:

250ml French Square bottle: 3,060pieces/pallet

350ml Sauce bottle:         2,520pieces/pallet

500ml Coffee Flask Bottle:  1,740pieces/pallet

If you use only pallet (without carton box), you can put extra 20% bottles. However, pallet packing can only be arranged if it is customised bottle. For all the ready, it will be carton box packing.

Please refer to this, so we can say the General MOQ is 2,000pieces.

Q4. Can I customise my bottle?

Yes. We are specialized in making customised glass bottle. We have a very professional design team who can help you on designing any kinds of glass bottle. Of course you can give us your drawing, and we can produce a mould for you. It takes 15 days to make a new mould and 10 days to do the sampling.

Q5. What is the MOQ for a customised bottle?

It depends on what kind of bottles and how big is the bottle. For example:

100ml beverage bottle: MOQ50,000pieces

350ml sauce bottle: MOQ20,000pieces

700ml Liquor bottle: MOQ6,000-12,000pieces

Q6. What is the lead time?

For new customised products, lead time will be 25 working days for mould and sampling. If you decided to place your big order after this, it takes another 25 days. It depends on the quantity.

Q7. Can we get your free samples?

-For ready stock, sample is free but you have to pay for the courier service fee/postage.    

-For customised products, there will be a mould fee and sampling fee. It is because we have to spend time to adjust the mould at the production line for few hours, and the sampling fee is to cover the factory's lost as we need to stop the production for a while just to produce your sample.

Q8. Do you have a catalogue?

Yes, the file is large, so we have to send you by email.

Q9. Do you have any other related products?

Yes. For example: aluminium cap, plastic cap, lotion pump, sprayer pump, foam pump, aluminium bottle/tin, tinplate box, sugarcane bagasse etc.

Q10. If there is a problem, what is the solution?

Please take photos showing all details clearly. If there is any product defect, we will replace it on the next order. We will try our best to solve it.

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