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Eco Friendly Wood Products

Bamboo Hair Brush

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Tooth Brush and Shaving Brush

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Bath Brush

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Baby Hair Brush

Men Brush

Factory Site Visit

Biodegradable! Compostable! Eco Friendly! Save the world! These are the main concepts which would like to be achieved by us. The wooden products can be used as corporate gift, hotel products or haircare industry.

We can OEM/ODM for hotel/saloon/haircare industry globally as we were backed up by the top 3 Bamboo/wooden brush manufacturer in China, with premium quality ensured. Our clients include Global 500 multinational companies such as Disney, Procter&Gamble (P&G), Xiaomi, Muji etc.

Some of the wooden/bamboo brushes that we can manufacture:

-​Afro Pick

-Hair comb, hair accessories etc.

-Hair brush, round brush, beard brush, baby brush, bath brush, edge brush, tooth brush, other brush sets etc.

Please download our Wooden Brush Catalogue 2022. It's not all, but at least you can have a glance. Please contact us if you want to customise your product.

Our founder Mr Phang has been in the travel and hospitality industry for years, and he has supplied these wooden/bamboo brushes to lots of companies, especially hotel industry. Executive Directors of the factory, Mr Yang has invited our founder to visit his factory in China. 

After that, they invited us to develop international market for them. So now we can OEM/ODM for eco friendly wooden/bamboo brushes for any companies globally. 

Factory Operation Site

Corporate Client's Product

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