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Industrial Cooling Fan (DC/AC/EC Fan)

We represent a big cooling fan factory in China. The founder/CEO of the cooling fan factory, Mr Yang is our founder, Mr Phang's close friend. They met each other in a private home dinner, which was invited by Mr Lu. They are both Mr Lu's friend. They enjoyed that private home dinner very much, and eventually became good friend. Mr Yang noticed that Mr Phang is an expert at International Trade, so he has invited Mr Phang to visit his factory, and helping him to sell the cooling fan to the global market.

Private dinner.jpg

Mr Yang's cooling fan factory is located in Huizhou city in China. They are also the vendor of more than 20 public listed companies in China, which means they are well known in the domestic market, and providing good quality of cooling fan all the time.

Here are some of the pictures of the cooling fan factory:

Cooling Fan Factory visit.jpg

If you need any professional DC Blower Fan, DC Axial Fan, AC Axial Fan, EC Axial Fan, Frameless Fan, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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